Register - Numicon in Geometry, Measurement and Statistics - Foundation - year 2- online webinar

Numicon in Geometry, Measurement and Statistics in Foundation to Year 2
2hr live online webinar

Date: Thursday 15th June 2023
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Cost: $50 

Join us for a 2 hr online webinar for educators in years F-2 who have already completed the initial Introduction to Numicon PD exploring Number, Pattern and Calculating content, and would like to explore the activities within the Geometry, Measurement and Statistics Teacher books. This session will investigate how Numicon is used to investigate Geometry and Measurement concepts including shapes, time, transformation and money.

Numicon Professional Development online seminars are full of practical ideas and hands-on experiences that give Educators the knowledge and tools to successfully implement Numicon in their school or educational setting.

This course is suitable for;

  • F-2 teachers
  • Teacher aides
  • School leaders
  • Numeracy and Mathematics Coordinators
  • Home school educators
  • School and regional numeracy coaches
  • Tutors and consultants