Register - Breaking Barriers and Big Ideas - online webinar

Numicon Breaking Barriers and Big Ideas -
2hr live online webinar

Date: Thursday 16th June 2022
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am AEST
Cost: $50 + optional $40 Online PD Resources pack.

Join us for a 2 hr online session exploring the Numicon Breaking Barriers and Big Ideas resources. This session is designed for schools who are already familiar with Numicon and are interested in learning how these resources could support their students with learning difficulties or gaps in Maths, as well as those schools interested in using these resources in an intervention setting.

This hands-on session will delve into the Breaking Barriers resource aimed at supporting individuals or small groups experiencing difficulty with the F to year 3 Maths Curriculum. Moving on we will also explore the Big Ideas 12 week catch-up program for students in years 4 to 7.


Numicon Professional Development online seminars are full of practical ideas and hands-on experiences that give Educators the knowledge and tools to successfully implement Numicon in their school or educational setting.

Your trainer Rachel will introduce you to the Numicon Approach, Numicon resources, the Teacher Handbooks and implementation ideas.

The Numicon PD program ensures that Numicon is used to its best advantage, releasing its potential to transform students’ attitudes towards mathematics, significantly increasing their achievements.


This course is suitable for;

  • Intervention teachers
  • F-2 teachers
  • Teacher aides
  • School leaders
  • Numeracy and Mathematics Coordinators
  • Home school educators
  • School and regional numeracy coaches
  • Tutors and consultants

Hands-on pack

We recommend that you have Numicon resources to enable you to participate in hands-on activities throughout the session. If you already have Numicon you can bring your own, or purchase our Numicon Online PD Resources pack.